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93 – 63 - 93 - not always 100% but hot and charming enough to overplay her handicap. Anike was born in Hamburg on October 7th with the real name Nicole Schönberg. Unfortunately, her birth was not without complications. But what exactly happened and why music for Anike is more than just a hobby can be found in the following lines.

Anike grew up with her twin sister in Hamburg, her school days were not easy and that is certainly thanks to her handicap. Anike had not been able to breathe for a long time at birth - she had to be ventilated and cared for immediately for several days using intensive care medicine. Unfortunately, some areas in the brain that are responsible for language have been slightly damaged. Anike has suffered from so-called dysgrammatism since then.

As a child and adolescent, Anike suffered a lot from bullying due to her situation and withdrew more and more. One day when a friend invited her for her birthday, she met her current husband. The two of them were just 17 years old, it took a little while for them to spark, but a year later they had their first apartment together. Anike graduated from a Hamburg catering school and then went freelance with her husband in the event branche.

There she got to know the makers of Rieu Film and she seized the opportunity to get recognition in a different way. From 2012 to 2013 she shot exclusively for the label. The following time she had recordings for Magma film and many other well-known labels. In 2013 and 2014, Anike shot for the soft erotic label UC Diamonds and received a Netstar TV Award. In 2015 she won her first Venus Award for best international erotic actress, a Sign Award for best international actress and another Netstar TV Award. Other awards followed: 2016 the Venus Award for best erotic DJane.

During this time, she strived for modeling with great enthusiasm and filled all men's magazines with photo spreads, including in the Penthouse magazine. AN!KE ​​also gained experience on television in various scriptet reality programs.After much practice in front of the camera, she looked for a new challenge and found her passion in singing as well produce her own beats for DJ sets. She works with a lot of passion on new compositions and tries out all possible opportunities in order to keep developing.She started learning saxophone and playing in an orchestra. With every hour that she played more, she learned to fight against her language handicap in very small steps.


Making music connects new areas in the brain, virtually new lines are being laid, stroke patients are also being treated with music, among other things, and that's what drives ANIKE’S. Although she still does not speak properly and needs a few more attempts during interviews, she is fighting and has already won a lot back.Anike is also increasingly seen on the red carpet of the prominent world. A strong woman who manages the balancing act between a loving mother, an attentive wife and a committed Djane.Anike is now also volunteering, the sports cannon has been back in the volunteer fire department since 2019 and works with her comrades to help others in emergencies!